Facts About Buying
Used Filling, Capping, and Labeling Machines

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Sometimes it makes good sense to buy USED packaging and processing equipment. When?
1. When the machiney is simple enough that does not have a high risk of component failure. 
2. Where the chances of misapplication or being unfit for your particular purpose are low.
3. Where the cost of purchase is so low as to offset the risk of failures above.

A good (maybe oversimplified) example of when/what to buy used is a stainless steel tank. Go ahead and buy it used. Chances are good that you won't regret it because it meets the criteria above.  However, you can go very wrong with machines or equipment that have even the smallest amount of custom application work involved.  Filling machines, capping machines (incl. retorquers) and  labeling machines are a good example. You can even find a second hand filling machine that actually was never used only to discover later that it won't handle your product or it does it so poorly that it can put you out of business because of inefficiency. Most business people are not job shop mechanics or technicians that can overcome these technical problems. More importantly, their cash stream oftentimes depends on that equipment being productive right away. 

Used equipment dealers buy at 10 cents on the dollar and sell at 50 cents on the dollar.  From the author's 5 years experience as a used equipment broker, the incidence of filling, capping, and labeling equipment not being immediately useable or fit for the specific purpose is about 50%.  Therefore, if you divide the cost of this used equipment by the risk of failure, you reach the price of brand new equipment!

Sometimes the used purchase decision is even worse than that;  used equipment buyers who don't do their homework buy from major dealers only to find out that they paid 85% of the cost of similar, brand new equipment with a warranty! Lower costs and greater competition among new machinery suppliers has made many types of packaging equipment better and even more affordable than typical used packaging equipment.

Many startup companies and first time buyers assume that they can't afford new equipment. Nothing is further from the truth. You can now buy brand new startup filling and capping machinery  or complete automatic liquid filling and capping machinery for the same cost that it would have cost to buy a used one five years ago!! Complete fill, cap, label startup machinery can be leased for about $250 per month. Fully automatic systems capable of over 100 bottles per minute can be leased for a little more than $2000 per month.

So, before you make a purchase decision for used filling, capping, or labeling machines, make an intelligent and informed comparison with a quality manufacturer of this type of machinery; you will be surprised at what you learn and you will be grateful for the good advice.

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